7 chakras orgonite

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This Orgonite is ideal for harmonizing the 7 Chakras. The pyramid is composed of multiple levels, each with a specific semi-precious stone. For example, the first chakra is composed of Red Agate.

  • Natural Semi-Precious Stone Orgonite: This orgonite is made from carefully selected natural semi-precious stones. Each stone has its own energetic properties and contributes to the harmonization of the chakras.
  • Copper is used to separate the chakras: Copper is an excellent energy conductor and is used in this orgonite to separate the different levels corresponding to the chakras. This allows for better energy flow.
  • The Flower of Life can be found on one of the pyramid’s faces. This spiritual symbol has a high vibrational rate: The Flower of Life is a sacred symbol that represents the interconnection of all life in the universe. Its presence on this orgonite enhances its energetic power.
  • Composition of the stones: Red Agate, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, and Clear Quartz: Each level of this orgonite is composed of a specific semi-precious stone, carefully chosen for its energetic properties. These stones work in harmony to balance the chakras.
  • Three available dimensions: 60x60mm, 70x70mm, or 80x80mm: You can choose the size that best suits your needs and space. Regardless of the chosen size, this orgonite will have a beneficial effect on your chakras.
  • FREE STANDARD DELIVERY: Enjoy free standard delivery to quickly receive this orgonite at your home and start benefiting from its energetic properties.


Orgone Energy refers to the life, etheric energy. It can be found everywhere in the universe, as well as in our body and aura. Orgonite captures the surrounding energies to attract and transmute them. It offers protection against certain modern technologies (waves), for example. Many people also notice an improvement in sleep quality.

Usage Advice:

The pyramid absorbs all types of nearby energies. Some may be negative and are thus transmuted. However, it is necessary to maintain the pyramid to regenerate it. We recommend exposing it to the sun for an hour from time to time and cleaning it with water. Be sure to dry it properly afterwards.

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