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This Pregnancy Bola Necklace inspired by the Flower of Life is a true gem! Its pink, white and gold hues give it an incredible charm that will seduce all future mothers. The internal chime provides a sense of tranquility to the baby, promoting their well-being and serenity.

  • Gold-plated Bola: This piece of jewelry is made with high-quality gold plating, giving it exceptional brilliance and elegance.
  • The chime is made of copper: This material has been chosen for its soft and soothing sound, which calms and reassures the baby.
  • Ball diameter: 120mm: This generous size showcases the delicate and sophisticated design of this pregnancy bola.
  • Chain length: 114cm: This adjustable length allows you to wear the bola at the desired height for optimal comfort.
  • Includes necklace, pendant with cage, and internal chime: This complete set allows you to wear your pregnancy bola upon receipt, without having to purchase additional elements.
  • Two available variations: With chain or with cord: You have the choice between a gold-plated chain or a cotton cord, according to your preferences and style.
  • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING: Enjoy free shipping to receive your pregnancy bola quickly and start enjoying its benefits.

When to wear a pregnancy bola?

We recommend waiting until the 19th week of pregnancy to start wearing your bola. At this stage, the baby begins to hear sounds from the outside, and the chime of the bola can calm and reassure them.

Why wear a pregnancy bola?

A pregnancy bola is much more than just a piece of jewelry. It contains a small chime that vibrates harmoniously when shaken, producing a soothing sound for the baby. This sound becomes familiar to them, and they will recognize it even after birth. Moreover, this bola design is inspired by the Flower of Life, a sacred spiritual symbol closely linked to the Tree of Life. Its profound meaning brings a touch of luck and positivity to your pregnancy.

How to wear a pregnancy bola?

To fully enjoy the benefits of the pregnancy bola, we recommend placing the chime towards the top of the abdomen, so that it is close to the baby. This way, every movement of your body will produce a gentle tinkling that will soothe your child.

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