flower of life ring

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Introducing our new Flower of Life Ring!

We are thrilled to present our brand new ring model, the Flower of Life Ring. This piece of jewelry is not only stunning, but it is also rich in spiritual meaning. The Flower of Life is a timeless symbol that finds perfect expression in the form of a ring. By wearing it, you will enhance the beauty of your hand and connect to a powerful spiritual energy.

Composition of the Flower of Life Ring

This ring is crafted entirely from high-quality Stainless Steel. This material gives it exceptional durability, ensuring that it will not tarnish over time and remain strong and resilient. You will be able to enjoy this piece of jewelry for many years without it losing its shine.

The Flower of Life, a sacred spiritual symbol

The Flower of Life is a sacred symbol that dates back thousands of years. It can be found on an Egyptian temple that is over 8000 years old! This symbol represents life and contains within it several sacred geometric shapes such as the Seed of Life, the Egg of Life, and the Tree of Life. It is considered an expression of the divine in material form.

The harmonious shape of the Flower of Life is believed to emit a high vibrational frequency, thereby bringing a sense of well-being to the wearer. By wearing this ring, you will connect to this spiritual energy and experience inner harmony.


  • Stainless Steel ring, available in four variants.
  • Multiple sizes available, please refer to our RING SIZE GUIDE to choose the size that fits you.
  • Elegant piece of jewelry that enhances your hand and adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit.
  • We offer free shipping so you can receive your ring with peace of mind.

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59.7mm, 57mm, 54.5mm, 59.4mm


Ornate rose gold, Yellow gold, Rose gold, Money


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