meditation anchoring to the earth

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Discover our first mp3 album: “Connection to Mother Earth”.

Immerse yourself in deep meditation and feel a profound connection with the Earth.

The benefits of grounding:

✔️Feeling in harmony with oneself

✔️Fully accepting life

✔️Being connected to one’s consciousness

✔️Facilitating chakra cleansing

Album features:

  • A 60-minute binaural meditation titled “Divine Vibrations”
  • Uses Beta and Gamma binaural beats
  • Digital album sent via email after purchase
  • MP3 format compatible with all audio players
  • Headphones recommended for optimal results

Album content:

  • Track 1 – Divine Vibrations (Beta25-15HZ), (Gamma_40Hz)

How to use this album:

Once the audio file is downloaded, plug in your headphones and prepare to meditate. Choose a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Get comfortable and take a few deep breaths to relax. You are now ready to begin your grounding session!

For a complete meditation:

  • Start with the first track and visualize your life force growing and bathed in light.
  • As the second track starts, imagine your feet rooting into the ground. Connect to the center of the Earth and bring this energy back to you. Do the same by visualizing antennas growing from the top of your head towards the sky. Bring the energy of the cosmos back to you. You are the link between the Earth and the Sky. Maintain this visualization throughout the entire audio.
  • Finally, fully feel your body during the last track. Become aware of every part of your body: your head, your mouth, your neck, your heart, your abdomen… Feel fully present in the moment.

What are binaural beats?

If you are unfamiliar with binaural beats, it is normal to have questions. These are actually frequencies that influence our brain waves. Our brain naturally transitions from one state of waves to another throughout the day. For example, alpha waves are associated with light relaxation and creativity, while beta waves promote activity and wakefulness. Gamma waves are related to thought integration, delta waves to deep meditation and sleep, and theta waves to deep relaxation.

In this album, we have chosen to use beta and gamma waves. This meditation is particularly suitable for starting the day, giving you energy and deeply connecting you to the Earth.

An exclusive creation by Tree of Life Boutique.

We are committed to offering you quality meditations. That’s why we have created exclusive and reliable audio tracks specifically for our community, based on binaural beats technology. This first album is ideal if you want to strengthen your grounding.

How to download the product after purchase?

It’s very simple! Once your purchase is complete, a download page will appear. You will also receive a version via email. To access the content, use WinRar (usually already installed on your computer) to extract the files. Right-click on the folder and select “Extract here”.

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