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The Tree of Life Pregnancy Bola: a symbol of hope and health

The Tree of Life Pregnancy Bola is much more than a simple piece of jewelry. It embodies hope and health, two essential values for pregnant women. Its soothing and reassuring green color will accompany you throughout your pregnancy, offering a sense of serenity and well-being.

  • Sterling silver pendant: The Tree of Life Pregnancy Bola pendant is made of pure silver, providing exceptional quality and brilliant shine. Its delicate and elegant design represents the tree of life, a symbol of strength and vitality.
  • High-quality alloy: The alloy used for the manufacturing of this pregnancy bola is of high quality, ensuring its durability and resistance to shocks and scratches.
  • Diameter: 20mm: The Tree of Life Pregnancy Bola pendant has a diameter of 20mm, making it a perfect size to be worn comfortably and discreetly.
  • Chain length: 75cm: The Tree of Life Pregnancy Bola chain has a length of 75cm, allowing you to wear it at the desired height and adjust it according to your preferences.
  • Comes in a beautiful box: The Tree of Life Pregnancy Bola comes in a beautiful box, making it an ideal gift for pregnant women. You can give it to your partner, a friend, or a family member who is expecting a baby.
  • This bola offers excellent quality, and we highly recommend it to pregnant women! We are confident in the exceptional quality of this Tree of Life Pregnancy Bola. That is why we highly recommend it to pregnant women who want to enjoy the soothing benefits of this unique piece of jewelry.
  • Exquisite artisan work: Each Tree of Life Pregnancy Bola is carefully and precisely crafted by experienced artisans. Every detail is meticulously worked on to offer you a piece of jewelry of exceptional quality.
  • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING: We offer free standard shipping for the Tree of Life Pregnancy Bola. So you can receive your jewelry at home without any additional cost.

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