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The Violet Imperial Jasper: a Bracelet to Awaken your Spirituality

The Violet Imperial Jasper is a natural stone that is directly linked to the crown chakra. It is renowned for promoting spiritual awakening and helping you connect with your inner self. If you are seeking a stone that will accompany you on your spiritual journey, this Tree of Life bracelet made with Violet Imperial Jasper is perfect for you.

  • High-Quality Natural Violet Imperial Jasper Stones: The beads of this bracelet are made from high-quality Violet Imperial Jasper. Each stone is carefully selected for its beauty and energetic properties.
  • 108 beads of 8mm: This bracelet is composed of 108 beads of 8mm, making it a traditional mala. Malas have been used for centuries in meditation and prayer to count mantra repetitions.
  • Length: 90cm: This bracelet is long enough to be wrapped around the wrist multiple times. It can be adjusted to fit all wrist sizes.
  • The Tree of Life: a Timeless Sacred Symbol: The Tree of Life is a universally recognized symbol that represents the connection between heaven and earth. It also symbolizes growth, wisdom, and inner strength. By wearing this bracelet, you will connect with the energy of the Tree of Life and be reminded of your own potential for growth and fulfillment.
  • Ideal for working on your crown chakra: The crown chakra is the energy center located at the top of the head. It is associated with spirituality, knowledge, and connection with the divine. By wearing this bracelet, you will stimulate and balance your crown chakra, promoting your spiritual awakening.
  • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING: We offer free standard shipping for this Tree of Life bracelet made with Violet Imperial Jasper. You will receive your bracelet directly at your doorstep, with no additional costs.

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