tree of life bracelet

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Discover our “double” Tree of Life natural stone bracelet

Designed with natural stones, our “double” Tree of Life bracelet is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

  • By purchasing this bracelet, you will receive both pieces shown in the image, allowing you to wear them together or separately according to your preference.
  • The bracelet features a double row design with a green necklace and a white necklace, adding a touch of color and elegance to your wrist.
  • The natural stones used in this bracelet have beneficial properties for the wearer. They can bring balance, protection, and positive energy.
  • With a total length of 19.7 cm and an inner diameter of 17.2 cm, this bracelet is adjustable to fit all wrist sizes.
  • You will appreciate the beautiful color variations of the natural stones that make up this “double” Tree of Life bracelet. Each stone is unique and adds a touch of originality to your outfit.
  • To top it off, standard delivery is free when you purchase this “double” Tree of Life bracelet.

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