tree of life bracelet
mala aventurine

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Discover a stunning Buddhist Mala made of 108 natural beads!

Immerse yourself in the spiritual universe with this unique Buddhist Mala. Made of 108 natural beads, this bracelet represents the 7 main chakras. Each bead is carefully selected to symbolize the body’s energy centers. The Green Aventurine, the dominant stone of this Mala, highlights the fourth chakra, the heart, to promote love and harmony.

The 108 Bead Buddhist Mala: An essential meditation accessory.

Used for centuries by Buddhist practitioners, the prayer mala is an essential tool for mantra meditation. By reciting a mantra 108 times, you will reach a state of deep surrender and experience a true sense of well-being. To learn more about this meditation practice, check out our dedicated blog article: how to meditate with a mantra.


  • ✔️ Made of semi-precious natural stones: Red Agate, Orange Jade, Tiger Eye, Green Aventurine, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst.

  • ✔️ Length: Approximately 67cm

  • ✔️ Platinum plated

  • ✔️ Can be used as a meditation tool or as a bracelet

Why use a meditation mala?

Reciting a mantra 108 times is a powerful meditation exercise that helps structure your thoughts and reach a state of inner calmness. By focusing on the pronunciation of the mantra, you can free yourself from your thoughts and connect with your deep essence. With the 108 beads of this Mala, you won’t need to count, you can simply move on to the next bead after each recitation.

Extra Tip:

Before each use, we recommend practicing a short grounding meditation to connect with cosmic energies. Take care of your Mala, consider it as a sacred tool, and provide a special place to store it when not in use.

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mala aventurine”

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