tree of life bracelet
mala obsidian

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Discover a 108 Bead Obsidian Mala for a Unique Meditation Experience!

Dive into the spiritual realm with this traditional Mala made exclusively of obsidian stones. The centerpiece features a tree of life, symbolizing wisdom and connection to nature. Each of the 108 beads that make up this bracelet is natural and carefully selected.

Obsidian, a Powerful Stone for Your Meditation Practice.

Obsidian is known for its power to dissolve emotional blocks and deep-seated fears. During your meditation sessions, you can recite the mantra OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA to amplify the benefits of this stone. This Sanskrit mantra is associated with the deity Ganesh, who symbolizes the challenges to overcome in life. Obsidian, as a volcanic stone, is closely linked to this representation.

Features of the Obsidian Mala:

  • ✔️ Made of natural obsidian beads for pure and powerful energy
  • ✔️ Approximately 92cm in length to fit all wrist sizes
  • ✔️ Platinum plated for an elegant and durable finish
  • ✔️ Can be used as a meditation tool or as a bracelet for a unique style

Why Use a Meditation Mala?

Using a meditation mala allows you to focus on your practice and structure your thoughts. By reciting a mantra 108 times, you can achieve a state of deep calm and mental clarity. You only need to concentrate on the pronunciation of your chosen mantra, without having to count the repetitions. Each bead of the mala represents one recitation, allowing you to easily track your progress.

Additional Tips for an Optimal Meditation Experience:

  • ✔️ Before each use, take a few moments to perform a short grounding meditation to fully connect with the energies of the cosmos.
  • ✔️ To enhance your grounding, you can also chant the mantra LAM, associated with the first chakra.
  • ✔️ Take care of your mala by storing it in an appropriate place, as it is a sacred tool that deserves to be preserved.

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