tree of life necklace

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Natural Stone Tree of Life Necklace

Used to making yourself look elegant and unique, you now desire more. Your heart beats fast and you want to show your loved one the strength of the feeling you have for them. Look no further. Adorn your clothing with the Tree of Life necklace and become a living embodiment of Venus.

  • Material: Natural stone
  • Colors: various types
  • Pendant size: 41x31x10mm
  • Chain length: approximately 45cm
  • Free Standard Delivery

A Stunning and Charming Necklace

Enhance your beauty with this amazing Tree of Life necklace. Carefully crafted with natural stone, it is a necklace that stands out. Gracefully worn on your evening attire, it will convey the language of fulfillment expressed by your heart instead of your mouth. Especially, do not go to this tête-à-tête without wearing it. Shaped as a heart with a tree design perfectly combined, it represents the true, authentic, and immortal love.

It is a truly angelic and breathtaking necklace. With this piece of jewelry, you have what you have always been missing to conquer your most indecisive partner. On a dress or a suit, it exudes charm, masculinity, and elegance.

A Necklace that Inspires Love

Depending on the look, it will make you playful, lovesick, or faithful. You love them immeasurably. Let this necklace speak for you. Give it to them or wear it before your date and it will read from your soul what your mouth cannot express. This astonishing Tree of Life necklace is a symbol of love and magnificence. That is what it inspires through its heart shape. With a finely woven silver chain, give it as a gift to a young woman, and you will win her heart.

You have the genuine pleasure of wearing this necklace everywhere and at any time. It is extremely durable and highly reliable. It is not prone to discoloration and has a very advantageous longevity.

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Black agate, Black agate (with chain), Blue sand, Blue sand (with chain), Brown sand, Brown sand (with chain), Opal, Opal (with chain), Red jasper, Red jasper (with chain), Pink quartz, Rose quartz (with chain), Amethyst, Amethyst (with chain), Green Aventurine, Green Aventurine (with chain), Eye of tiger, Tiger eye (with chain), Rock crystal, Rock crystal (with chain)


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