tree of life pregnancy bola
copper pearl.

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Discover this beautiful Sterling Silver Pregnancy Bola that opens up! You will love the soothing sound emitted by the chime inside. This piece of jewelry is specially designed to be worn starting from the 19th week of pregnancy, offering a unique connection between the mother and the baby.

  • Silver-plated Bola: This bola is made from high-quality material, offering a shiny and durable finish.
  • Copper chime: The internal chime is carefully crafted from copper, producing a soft and melodious sound.
  • Ball diameter: 20mm: The perfect size for comfortable and discreet wearing.
  • Chain length: 88cm: An adjustable chain that fits all body types.
  • Includes necklace, pendant with cage, and internal chime: Everything you need to fully enjoy your pregnancy bola.
  • Chime color: Bronze: An original color that adds an elegant touch to your outfit.
  • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING: Take advantage of free shipping to quickly receive your pregnancy bola.


When should you wear a Pregnancy Bola?

It is recommended to start wearing a pregnancy bola from the 19th week of pregnancy. At this stage, the baby begins to develop its hearing and can hear external sounds.

Why wear a Pregnancy Bola?

A pregnancy bola is more than just a piece of jewelry. It contains a small chime that emits a harmonious sound when shaken. This soothing sound calms and reassures the baby, creating a special bond between the mother and the child. Even after birth, the baby will recognize this familiar sound.

How to wear a Pregnancy Bola?

To fully enjoy the benefits of a pregnancy bola, we recommend placing the chime towards the top of the pregnant woman’s belly. That’s why our models are equipped with a long adjustable chain, allowing you to find the ideal position for your comfort and that of your baby.

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