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Discover a beautiful Sterling Silver 925 certified Pregnancy Necklace! This necklace jewel contains a small high-quality copper chime, which will tenderly lull your baby throughout your pregnancy.

  • Sterling Silver plated 925
  • The chime is made from high-quality copper
  • Ball diameter: 18mm
  • Chain length: 88cm
  • Includes necklace, pendant with cage, and internal chime


When is it recommended to wear a pregnancy necklace?

We recommend waiting until the 19th week of pregnancy to start wearing your pregnancy necklace. This is when your baby begins to hear sounds from the outside.

Why wear a pregnancy necklace?

This necklace jewel contains a small chime that emits a soft and soothing sound when shaken. This familiar sound reassures your baby and creates a special bond between the two of you. After birth, your baby will continue to recognize this soothing sound that will remind them of the time spent in your womb.

How to wear a pregnancy necklace?

To fully enjoy the benefits of the pregnancy necklace, we recommend placing the chime towards the top of your belly, so that it is in direct contact with your baby. You can also adjust the chain length according to your preferences.

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dream and softness”

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