tree of life wall art

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This Canvas represents the Memory of a beautiful Tree. This artwork inspires fantasy and imagination. Several people are standing at the foot of the tree. Twilight is approaching, offering beautiful orange hues.

  • Printed Canvas: A worldwide reference in terms of print quality
  • It is possible to purchase the canvases alone or mounted on a wooden frame
  • Dimensions:
  • SMALL: 10x15cmx2, 10x20cmx2, 10x25cmx1
  • MEDIUM: 20x35cmx2, 20x45cmx2, 20x55cmx1
  • LARGE: 30x40cmx2, 30x60cmx2, 30x80cmx1
  • XL: 40x60cmx2, 40x80cmx2, 40x100cmx1

How to choose the right dimension?

We invite you to check the available space on your wall in order to accurately choose the artwork you need!

Then, consult the size guide above and make your choice! You will appreciate the modern effect of our five-piece artworks!

Is the quality of the canvas good?

The canvases we offer on our website are printed using Canvas technology. This technology is a worldwide reference in terms of print quality! This means that you will have a very realistic artwork at home. For example, here is a Tree representing the Four Seasons!

What type of frame is available?

If you choose the variant with a frame, your canvases will be mounted on lightweight, good-quality wood. This frame is very practical as it will not weigh much and can easily be placed on the wall.

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